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Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Way To Achieving Your Dream.

The Way To Achieving Your Dream.
Do you know that while the world is seated on their spectacular sofas watching the world cup football, achievers are working full time on their goal achieving dreams?

There are obstacles that hinder one from pursuing his dream; such obstacles may include time,money, resources and many others.But dreams can not be limited by these obstacles.

Some people dwell so much on calendar and budget not knowing that they do not often have impact on our dreams. We are limited by ourselves when it comes to pursuing our dreams.

Our thoughts have a great impact on our dreams.In the book of proverbs 4:23(Christian Bible) it says and I quote"Be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts".If you think positively towards your goal, assuredly, you will be able to fulfil your dream.Don't be afraid to fail, instead challenge yourself. Sometimes failure is the ladder to walk to your dream though many people fail to acknowledge this.

In as much as our dreams are limited by our surrounding, just know that you are the judge of what constitutes failure.Always have the ability to stand up, dust yourself off and get back to the track of your dream.One of the reknown billionaire -Jackma is a proof that no series of failures can keep someone from achieving his dream.He goes a head to give his story of failure where he says, he failed university entry examinations threel times.He was rejected when he applied to different 30 jobs.

Jackma never gave up.He went a head and fought until he fulfilled his dream.As we speak, he is the owner of the "Alibaba" one of the best online marketers website.Same to you, if you keep working and dreaming, you will eventually achieve your dream.

There is no perfect time to start working towards your dream,the sooner you start the better.Forget dwelling so much on what you think you cannot do but focus on the things you are able to do.

Always appreciate your little progress to move forward, I mean focus on small tasks at a time and sometimes stop and enjoy the moment and get note of what you already achieved.

Make sure you have a support system since there are certain setbacks that you are likely to encounter towards your dream.That is why it is good to have a support system by asking help where necessary.Talk about your dream though people may mock you but it will give you a challenge to soldier forward.

I'm going to share with you steps on how dreams can be achieved.If you want to achieve your dream whatever dream you have in this life, for example; getting rich,changing the way you behave, changing your lifestyle.Then you will have to:
Dream it.

it is the general knowledge that everything starts in the mind and heart.Any great achievements start in the mind of an individual. First, it starts as an idea of one person before he shares the idea to others.Forinstance, Jackama had an idea of starting an online business "Alibaba" which he later shared with his 24 friends.Though only one person supported the idea by challenging Jackma to try it out.But at least he dreamt about it and shared it.

Believe in your dream.

You need to have faith that you will be able to achieve your dream because a dream is not a real thing but just a dream.That's why your dream should be something beyond your capability. I mean it should be something big which calls for believing and trusting that you will have it.

You have to see it.
For you to achieve that dream, you have to cultivate a habit of seeing things. Great achievers have a habit of seeing things.They train their mind to control the body to carry out their dream.

Finally, you need to work out your dream.The successful are usually the hardest workers. For instance, Edison and his researchers in Menlo Park laboratory failed 1000 times while they tested 3000 designs for bulbs between 1878 and 1880..That means they literary worked it out that dream of inventing the bulbs.

My advise to you is to keep doing it until you achieve that dream.If you work on each day you will eventually fulfill your dream.You must understand that peace and war was written in long hand page by page.

As I come to my conclusion, my advise to you is that, you need to enjoy your achievements and remember to reward yourself along the way.Lastly, be gracious and generous to others and happiness will follow you all the days of your life.


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